Soranzo Palace 2014
Venice, Italy
Private customer
Private house – Interior design and refurbishment

This interior design project provided an opportunity to deal with a highly restricted context, as the intervention area concerned the noble floor of Palazzo Soranzo dell’Angelo. This historic building dates to the 15th century and overlooks the canal of the same name not far from the Doge’s Palace in Venice.  

At the same time, the context greatly influenced the choice of materials and colors and inspired the wall design covering all the apartment’s rooms.

Classic elements of the paneling – mirrors, frames, moldings, carvings and decorations – were “deconstructed” and recreated in a contemporary interpretation in harmony and at the same time in contrast with the wooden beams, the palladiana floor, the original window frames and the colored glass of the polifora overlooking the internal garden.

In particular, the colored poliforas made of purple-shaded blown glass inspired the color chosen for the fabrics and upholstery, which returns throughout the living room like an echo bouncing lightly from an armchair to a sofa.

Here we used large print wallpapers because their subjects and designs fit into the ancient context and at the same time return a perception of contemporary environment in harmony with the building original elements.

Top contemporaneity is achieved in the kitchen which is entirely cladded in steel and equipped with all the necessary tools for true gourmands.




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