Maison Forte 2018
Haute Savoie – Francia
Private customer
Private house – Interior design and refurbishment

Surface: 1000 sqm

The project was planned to preserve the charming existing architecture, which however had also been much remodeled over time. The client wished to refurbish this ancient dwelling, whose only features to preserve were those linked to the historical and personal memories.

In this sense, the project is characterized by a solid dialog between the ancient and the contemporary, which influenced every choice taken, including the furnishings.

All environments, in fact, see contemporary custom-made furnishings interacting with the original structure, whose most ancient elements date to the 14th century. 

The historical continuity is revealed with pieces of ancient masonry that stands out in the interiors, where contemporary elements hide technical rooms and servant spaces, but also exquisite furniture and panelings.

Many classic furnishings in polished wood were then selected to complete the project. They blend with fine wall decorations, large print wallpapers, vintage lamps, and contemporary design pieces by masters such as Castiglioni, Ponti, Bellini and Citterio. Chromatic themes characterize and connect adjacent rooms throughout the house, harmonizing the diverse interventions.  




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