Fitt Logistic Centre 2009
Province of Padua, Italy
Fitt spa
Logistics – New construction
27,000 sqm

The Fitt logistics center project is a classic example of synergy among the many experts and professionals that necessarily contributed to the creation of a building with these dimensions and characteristics. This synergy, supported by careful coordination among all partners, allowed to deliver both buildings in less than one year.

Project figures: 80,000 m2 surface, of which 27,000 m2 are covered, and a storage capacity of over 60,000 pallets. It is the first logistics center in Italy to make use of Ultra High Frequency technology allowing a fully automated warehouse management. The same year sees the inauguration of the 10,000 m2 plant to produce technical pipes: 12 production lines and 90 employees manage to deliver 60 million meters of pipes per year.

Keeping in mind the client’s request of a very technical and extremely functional project, great value was nonetheless placed upon their linear structure and finishes.

Despite the bounds of a prefabricated and technical context, the finishes were chosen to be a distinctive feature of the two buildings.




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